El Paso County Commissioner Pct. 1

Congressman Beto O’Rourke Speaks at Commissioner Leon’s April 22, 2014 Community Meeting

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Commissioner Carlos Leon held his community meeting at the Pebble Hills Regional Command Center. Guest speaker, Congressman Beto O’Rourke, cordially addressed matters on Veteran Affairs, the U.S-Mexican border and Ft. Bliss.

In regards to Veteran Affairs, Congressman O’Rourke spoke about the ongoing improvement on the veteran health care course of action. Some of these improvements included cutting back on wait time when it comes to the claim process and being able to see a doctor within a two week time period as expected by returning veterans. O’Rourke proceeded to state, “…support those who put themselves on the line for this country.”


On issues related to the U.S-Mexican border, Congressman O’Rourke emphasized how trade, job creation and city development often rely on international bridges. He continued to speak on the importance of having a good relationship between both countries.

Congressman O’Rourke also spoke on the significant growth Ft. Bliss is undergoing and the impact it currently has on El Paso at this time. Ft. Bliss currently holds 29,000 active duty soldiers and 70,000 family members. The congressman expressed how we have a moral purpose to support the military, putting Ft. Bliss first foot forward.


Commissioner Leon and Congressman O’Rourke vocalized how valuable community meetings are, elaborating on the importance of holding such meetings in order to gain knowledge on the opinions and expectations of our constituents. Immediately following the meeting, our precinct 1 constituents had the opportunity to bring up questions and concerns Congressman O’Rourke was able to touch light upon as he answered each question.