El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

3850 Justice Dr., El Paso, Texas 79938

Contact: Angelica Becerra, Public Information Officer    

Cell: 915-479-1678

Office: (915) 538-2119

EMAIL: abecerra@epcounty.com


“We Serve With Pride”

EL PASO TEXAS – Four years ago, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office adopted the INMOTION Technology System and equipped its patrol fleet vehicles with the “onBoard Mobile Gateway”.  The INMOTION Technology System, the leader in mobile enterprise networks, enables organizations to connect and manage mobile operations efficiently, reliably and securely by integrating networking, data security and vehicle area management into a single system.

The Sheriff’s Office implemented this system to find new and improved methods of how to analyze information from; vehicle operations, network coverage and communications with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and to improve officer safety and productivity out in the field.   The “onBoard Mobile Gateway”, the single platform which connects all in-vehicle and mobile devices, allows the ability to analyze information from the Gateway via dashboard and to monitor vehicles diagnostics, devices and networks.

For the past (4) years, the system has allowed Officers to perform their job more efficiently and provide better quality service to the citizens of El Paso County by increasing community presence and rapid response times.  The INMOTION Technology consists of an “onBoard Mobile Networking System” comprised of an in–vehicle router and on-board Connection Manager with an optimized security system, giving officers wireless access to software from their vehicle that would otherwise remove the officer from the field to perform the same tasks at the station. 


With the INMOTION Technology’s onboard Enterprise network, the Sheriff’s Office looks forward to incorporating future products for better manageability and reliability of vehicle operations and network coverage.



About In Motion Technology Inc.

In Motion Technology is the leader in mobile enterprise networks that provide customers with fleets in mission critical environments with a secure, managed end-to-end communications system.  The company’s solution includes a powerful management platform, an application suite designed to improve situational awareness, industry leading mobile-optimized security and a rugged in-vehicle mobile router. In Motion’s solutions are used by hundreds of public safety, transit and utility fleets across the United States and Canada. 

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