NEWS RELEASE-PHONE SCAM Public Service Announcement September 27, 2016

NEWS RELEASE-Public Service Announcement  September 27, 2016


El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

3850 Justice Dr., El Paso, Texas 79938

Website: EPCSO.ORG

El Paso, Texas - The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office wants to make the citizens of El Paso County aware of a telephone scam that has claimed several victims. Several people around El Paso County have received phone calls from a person claiming to Dep. Paul Cross of the “Sheriff’s Department”. The scammer/OFFENDER claims that a jury summons was ignored and that there is a warrant for arrest for Jury duty Non-Attendance. The VICTIM is then told to buy Money Trax cards for varied amounts totaling $987.00 in most cases. The OFFENDER often asks the VICTIM to purchase two or more cards. The OFFENDER stated that this is a way to have the warrant recalled and a way to pay for the warrants. The OFFENDER further asks the VICTIM to meet him at 3850 Justice Rd. or 500 E. San Antonio in order to give him the money card. After the victim purchases the money cards, the scammer claims that he/she cannot meet and requests the serial numbers displayed on the money cards so that the warrant can be taken care of. Those numbers are then turned into cash by the scammer depriving the victim of the money.

Victor Ramirez who is a Supervisor of Jury Selection at the El Paso County Courthouse advised our investigators that they will NEVER call anyone by phone to advise them that they missed Jury Duty.  Mr. Ramirez stated that   If anyone has been a victim of this scam, please contact the proper authorities. El Paso Police Department non-emergency number is 915-832-4400 and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number is 546-2282. The Sheriff’s office would like to let citizens know that they will never receive a call requesting payment for outstanding criminal warrants.

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