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El Paso, TX – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office moves forward with its decentralization program following the conversion of the Northwest Patrol Station.

The program has proven to be successful by allowing a closer working relationship with patrol deputies and detectives, a team effort in addressing problems affecting our county neighborhoods, and allowing a “one-stop shop” for citizens to come and address issues with the Sheriff’s Office.

“This program is keeping up with the national model of decentralization of police services to better serve communities and residents.”” – Sheriff Richard D. Wiles.

            In October of 2016, Sheriff Richard D. Wiles and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office began testing this program to provide better service to the citizens of El Paso County.  The Sheriff’s Office implemented organizational changes, assigning two Animal Control Officers, a Community Oriented Policing Deputy and four generalist detectives to the Montana Patrol Station.

            In January of 2017, the conversion of the Northwest Patrol Station was completed, and in the future, the Clint Patrol Station will also be converted to this model.

            How the model of decentralization works:

Function of Decentralization at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

· Services provided by the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters:

o Public Information, Records, Fingerprints and Alarm Permit Processing, Research, Planning and Accreditation, Crime Victim Services, Legal, Major Crimes Unit, Civil Process, Property, Crime Scene Investigators, Narcotics Unit, and Special Traffic Investigators.

· Services provided by all Sheriff’s Office Patrol Stations:

o Overall patrol duties for the corresponding area, Community Oriented Policing Deputy, Animal Control Unit, and generalist Detectives.

· Other services provided by sections housed in separate facilities:

o  Community Service Section, School Resource Officers, and Emergency Management Unit, Communications, Detention Bureau, Region VIII Academy.

Since the introduction of the decentralization model in 2016, there has been an overall reported decrease of 11% in crime for El Paso County.

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