On August 22, 2017 at approximately 0243hrs., El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Adriana Munoz was dispatched to 1291 Yann Road, Fabens, TX in reference to a structure fire.

At 0250hrs., Deputy Munoz arrived to the location and immediately noticed that the house was on fire and emitting heavy amounts of smoke.  Inside the residence were two trapped individuals, a female and a juvenile male, in distress and screaming for help.  The two victims were unable to exit the residence due to safety bars on the window.   Deputy Munoz was able to find a window, which she broke in order to help the Victims escape.  Deputy Munoz yelled for the Victims to come to the window but they were coughing and yelling and could not hear her.  Deputy Munoz ran to the location where the Victims were, gave the juvenile her flashlight and told him to listen to the sound of her voice, which would lead him out of the residence.  The juvenile Victim advised Deputy Munoz that the female Victim, his mother had fainted.  Deputy Munoz calmly guided the juvenile victim to the window.  The Fire Department arrived a few minutes later and assisted Deputy Munoz in getting the Juvenile Victim out of the residence through the window.  Shortly after El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene, the female victim was removed from the residence by Sheriff’s Deputies and the Fire fighters.  Deputies Rillo and Vergara began chest compressions on the female Victim for 10 minutes, while Life Ambulance Technicians administered breaths.  The female victim began to breath.  Both Victims, and only occupants of the house, were then transported to Del Sol Medical Center for further treatment and evaluation.  The female Victim was identified as Gloria Hernandez and the juvenile victim as Aaron Hernandez.

The Fire Marshal was called to the scene and had not yet determined the cause of the fire.  The damage to the residence was estimated at $10,000.

Sheriff Richard Wiles will be honoring El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies and Firefighters at Commissioners Court on Monday, August 28th, at 9:00 am.,  for putting their lives in danger in order to save two people who were trapped inside a fully engulfed house fire.

The Deputies are; Sgt. Oscar Torres, Deputy Adriana Munoz, Deputy Salvador Vergara, Deputy Angel Cordero, Deputy Marc Chavez and Deputy Chris Rillo.  Firefighters on the scene were from Fabens, Clint and San Elizario Fire Stations. Firefighters are Kevin Jauregui, Isaac Ortega, Freddy Garibay, Justin Suarez, Mike Perez, Juan Castro, Velvet Garibay, Jose Ramirez, Chief Raymundo Trevizo and Eber Rodriguez.

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