Statement from The El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Statement from The El Paso County Sheriff's Office

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We understand that the Texas State Attorney General has issued his opinion that certain provisions contained within the El Paso County Judge’s new order are not enforceable.  Additionally, we are aware that a lawsuit has been filed and is currently pending.

However, based upon the opinion released last night from the El Paso County Attorney’s Office, it is clear that the County Judge’s order is in fact legal and enforceable.  As such, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will be enforcing all the provisions in the new order.

Covid infections are out of control and continue to skyrocket with no end in sight.  We are hopeful that the citizens of El Paso will understand the seriousness of this issue and voluntarily comply with the Judge’s order.  Otherwise enforcement action will be taken.

Published 31 October 2020 09:58 AM by leantunez


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