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  • Electronic Service
  • Electronic Service, or eService, is a new method by which attorneys as well as pro se litigants can receive file-stamped copies of signed orders and other documents electronically, for free! Upon the Judge's signature, the signed document is then transferred electronically over to the TexasOnline e-government portal, where you are then notified by email that you have a new eService posted for retrieval.
  • After logging in to your free TexasOnline account, you can then retrieve the details of the eService, as well as download a copy of the signed document complete with the District Clerk file stamp, indicating it has already automatically been filed with the District Clerk's office. NO calling the court to check whether your order has been signed yet or not, NO copies to make, and NO wasted visits to the Courthouse just to pick up your order and file it with the District Clerk.
  • Currently the 388th District Court, in conjunction with the District Clerk's office, is already sending signed documents electronically through the eService system on a limited basis. This marks El Paso County as the first county in the state of Texas to implement electronic service from the courts to attorneys. In addition, a proposed standing order is being reviewed that would require all attorneys with an active case in the 388th District Court to register for eService and opt in to receive electronic service on all cases falling in this jurisdiction.
  • As an attorney or pro se litigant, the only step you must follow in order to begin receiving eServices is to simply register an account with TexasOnline and enable the option to receive eService. In fact, if you are currently electronically filing with the District Clerk's office, then you already have an account with TexasOnline (due to the fact that the eService system and the eFiling system share the same e-government portal), and the only step that must be performed then is to log in to your existing account and activate the eService option.
  • eService FAQ's
  • What is Electronic Service?
  • Electronic Service (eService) is a system in which attorneys can be served signed copies of orders, judgments, and other documents electronically (through email) automatically whenever an order is signed on a case they are involved in. In order to receive this service, all you must do is register a complimentary free account with TexasOnline, the Texas e-government portal. The El Paso District Clerk's office will be the first office in the state of Texas to implement electronic service to attorneys. Help pave the way for El Paso County to continue to be a leader in the realm of electronic document processing!  
  • How does it work?
  • After an order is signed electronically by the Judge, a clerk takes the document and, using a TexasOnline web interface, uploads the order, enters the attorneys to be served, and sends it. Done. No paper or extra copies to be made, no ink, no postage or envelopes, and, best of all, no time wasted visiting the Courthouse to pick up a signed order! An email is sent to the email address you provide informing you that you have received a new eService. You then simply log in to your account at and retrieve a link to the file-stamped copy of the order, where you can then download the order and print out as many copies as you wish.
  • What hardware and software do I need to receive eService?
  • All you need in order to receive service electronically is a computer with Internet access, a valid email address, and a copy of the Adobe Reader software (freely downloadable off of the Internet at that is used to view the documents.
  • How much does it cost?
  • Registering an account with TexasOnline to receive eService is FREE.
  • How do I register?
  • To register with TexasOnline and enable eService, simply follow these five steps:
  • - Visit
  • - Click the link at the end of the sentence at the top that says "In order to login, you must first register"
  • - Fill out the form with the required information and click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.
  • - Click the "Edit eService Profile" link on the left hand side
  • - Check the "Global eService Opt-in" check box and click the "Save Profile" button
  • You are now registered with TexasOnline and have enabled your account to receive eService.  It is important to note that this account will not only allow you to receive eServed documents from the court, but will also actually allow you to eFile pleadings with the clerk's office as well.  However, if you do wish to eFile with this account be aware that you cannot file through the TexasOnline Filer Services site; you must file through a registered E-Filing Service Provider and pay a per-filing service fee.  In contrast, simply receiving eService does not carry any fees whatsoever.
  • What if I'm already registered with TexasOnline and am currently e-filing with the District Clerk's Office?
  • If you are e-filing, then you are already registered with TexasOnline. The only steps you must follow in this case are to visit your E-Filing Service Provider's website, log in to your account using your user ID and password as usual, find the location on the site from which you can modify your account settings (specifically, your eService Profile options), and ensure that you have the option set to opt in globally for eService.  Unfortunately, these steps may differ slightly from EFSP to EFSP; any questions on the precise steps needed in order to find your eService Profile options can be directed at the particular EFSP you currently employ for e-filing.
  • What if I've already registered with TexasOnline, but no longer remember my User ID/Password/I no longer have access to that email address?
  • The Filer Services site at contains a number of functions (such as the "Forgot your password?" and the "Forgot your User ID?" links near the bottom of the page) to help you obtain whatever login credentials you have lost.  Please do not register multiple accounts with TexasOnline, as this can cause confusion when the court attempts to eServe you.  If all else fails, email the Help Desk for the TexasOnline system at with a detailed explanation of your issue, and they will be able to resolve your problem in a timely manner.