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Commissioner Andrew Haggerty
Magdalena Morales-Aina, LPC-S

Contact Information

800 E. Overland
Suite 100
El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone (915) 546-8120
Fax (915) 546-8130

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The Victim Services Program assists all victims of crime whose offender is on community supervision (probation).

Notification of probation status, hearings, changes, etc.

Personal Advocacy such as calling landlords, writing letters, conducting home visits, etc.

Court Accompaniment to support the victim, to answer questions regarding the hearing, and to act as a liaison between the victim and the probation officer.

Information pertaining to criminal justice system, the case of the offender, and CVC.

Referrals to counseling and other agencies and programs for assistance.

Unresolved Restitution Services by searching for victims, determining amounts, collecting receipts, acting as liaison between the victim and the probation officer.

V.I.N.E Victim Information & Notification Everyday will advise you of probation changes in the case and when a restitution payment has been paid to you.

Attention Crime Victims

Do you want to share your story?

If you are a victim of a crime and want to share your story in front of other people or with your offender, the Adult Probation Department is seeking your assistance for:

Victim Impact Panels
Victim Impact Panels (VIP) offer victims of crime the opportunity to tell their story to an audience. The purpose of these panels is to educate the offender/audience, to emotionally impact the offender/audience to feel remorse, empathy, and understand the victimization process, to aid in the continued healing process for the victim, to provide a venue for victims of crimes to express their loss, and to provide a safe, controlled environment for interaction between victim and offender/ audience.

Victim Offender Mediation
Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM) is a program offered by the Adult Probation Department that provides victims of crime the opportunity to have a structured face-to-face meeting with their offender in a secure, safe environment and in the presence of a trained mediator.

If you are interested or want more information, contact the Victim Services Program at (915) 546-8120. All applicants will be screened.


The Victim Services Program is located at 800 E. Overland, Suite 224
Our phone number is (915) 313-9712 and our fax number is (915) 313-3847.

You may reach us via email at:
Deputy Director Ray Valdez

Resource Center - EPCFV
(915) 593-7300

Runaway Center
(915) 562-4765

Salvation Army
(915) 544-9811

Sexual Trauma and Assault Response Services
(915) 533-7700
(915) 779-7800 Hotline 24 hours a day

Texas Rural Legal Aid Inc.
(888) 988-9996

El Paso Police Department
Headquarters (915) 564-7365
Central (915) 577-5011
Mission Valley (915) 872-3611
Northeast (915) 759-2046
Pebble Hills (915) 599-5675
Westside (915) 585-6123

El Paso County Sheriff's Department
(915) 543-3867

District Attorney's Office
(915) 546-2091

Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Victim Services
(800) 848-4284

Texas VINE
1 877 894-8463
Probation VINE
1 877 596-8463