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  • Vehicle Inventory Tax collection involves the prepayment procedure in accordance with 23.125 of the Texas Property Tax Code by ensuring that all licensed automobile dealers report and pay their Special Vehicle Inventory Taxes.
  • Taxes deposited into escrow throughout the year are used to pay the prior year's tax bill for each individual dealer who made payments. The V.I.T. Enforcement Division is responsible for distributing the V.I.T. funds to the Consolidated Tax Office and to the different taxing entities.
  • A summary of the V.I.T. process is depicted below:
  • - Dealer obtains license
  • - Dealer obtains a Property Identification (PID#) from Central Appraisal District (CAD)
  • - Dealer files a V.I.T. report monthly to: V.I.T. Tax Office (original) and CAD (copy)
  • - V.I.T. Enforcement Division notifies the dealers who did not remit enough to cover their tax bill.
  • - V.I.T. Enforcement Division distributes funds from each escrow account to its designated entity. ONLY THE DEALERS WHO REMITTED PAYMENTS WILL BE PAID ON.
  • The El Paso County Tax Assessor-Collector's V.I.T. Enforcement Division will be happy to explain the process in detail.