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Item Title:Commissioner 3 - Federal Inmate Contract
Submitted By:Vincent M. Perez, County Commissioner, Precinct 3 (915) 546-2144
Subject:Discuss and take appropriate action regarding the continued incarceration of immigration-related and other detainees for federal agencies including, but not limited to, the U.S. Marshal's Service, U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Contract No. 2015-0697); further, discuss and take appropriate action regarding all revenues and expenditures related to the El Paso County Jail System.
Background:The Commissioner's Court authorized the submission of a new application to the U.S. Marshal’s Service requesting a rate increase for the detention services provided by the County of El Paso, Texas. County staff concluded this negotiation on October 21, 2015 and the Court authorized the County to accept the $80 federal final rate offer on October 26, 2015. This rate is subject to be re-negotiated no sooner than 36 months after acceptance. This agreement may be terminated upon 120 days written notice by either party.
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DescriptionUpload Date
Contract Inmates & Jail Financials6/9/2017
Federal Inmates in Texas County Jails6/9/2017
Revenue Collected on Immigration Jail Bed Days6/9/2017
Annual Loss from Federal Inmate Contract6/9/2017
Federal Inmate Bookings by Arresting Agency6/9/2017
Total Bookings into El Paso County Jail from FY 2014-2017 to Date6/9/2017
Item # 11 - Meeting Backup - Jail Consolidation Proposal6/12/2017
Item # 11 Received from Public Comment - John Cook6/12/2017