Edward A. Dion
County Auditor CPA

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

El Paso County Auditor's Office
County Administrative Offices
800 E. Overland, Room 406 (map)
El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone (915) 546-2040
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County Auditor

  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • A better way to handle your paycheck.
    Mandatory Effective January 1, 2003*
  • El Paso County encourages all employees to participate in the direct deposit program. The following are some of the benefits of participating in the direct deposit program:
  • - Eliminates trips to the bank.
  • - No waiting in line at the bank.
  • - Pay deposited every other Friday whether you are on vacation leave, sick leave, or have an unexpected emergency.
  • - No worry about a lost or stolen check.
  • It is fast and simple to enroll in the direct deposit program by:
  • (1) Completing a Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • (2) Attaching a voided check to your completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • (3) Returning the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to El Paso County Auditors Office, Payroll Division, 800 East Overland, Room 406.
  • Please feel free to contact Payroll, at (915) 546-2040 for additional information.
  • Notice:
  • - Due to the time required for payroll and bank processing, allow two to three pay periods for implementation.
  • - You will receive a manual check, which will be mailed out every pay day to the address on file, until the Direct Deposit Authorization Form can be processed.
  • *Approved by County Commissioner's Court on September 12, 2002.