Financial Recovery Division
500 E. San Antonio
Room 106
El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone (915) 543-3892
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  • Who we are and what we do
    Financial Recovery is a division under the Budget and Fiscal Policy Department. Financial Recovery Division

    The Financial Recovery Division regains monies from those that have exhausted resources throughout the judicial process. The authorization for the recovery of spent resources is by court order. These are resources initially funded by taxpayers.

    Financial Recovery Division's goal is to assist in making the County and taxpayers whole by replenishing funds into the budget to optimize services to the public.
  • Mission Statement
    To provide optimal financial services to the County of El Paso by recovering monies that have been imposed during the judicial process. As a division of the Budget and Fiscal Policy Department, we will be results-driven in responding to the demands of citizens, taxpayers, and County entities. In doing this, the financial position and partnerships will be strengthened in an unparalleled manner with an effective and solution-oriented team of employees.
  • Vision Statement
    Occupy the leading role in ongoing financial recovery, compliance, and services while alleviating the financial stress of taxpayers and in turn, strengthen the County’s budget.
  • Scofflaw Verification Program
    The Tax Assessor-Collector Office may withhold renewal of your vehicle registration if pending fines and fees are not paid. These include fines and fees owed for Class A and B Misdemeanors, the Justice of the Peace Courts or the Domestic Relations Office.

    To check if you owe fees that may prevent vehicle registration or renewal click here.
  • Financial Recovery Division Administration
    Financial Recovery Division Administration