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County Attorney

  • El Paso County Hospital District - University Medical Center of El Paso
  • The County Attorney provides legal advice and representation to the El Paso County Hospital District with respect to the governance and operation of the University Medical Center of El Paso, the University Medical Center community health clinics, and El Paso First Health Plans, the health maintenance organization owned by the district. The mission of the hospital district legal unit is to assist the Board of Managers and administration accomplish their statutory mandate to provide hospital and health care services to the indigent residents of El Paso County in full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Board and Hospital Committee Meetings:
  • The County Attorney provides quality legal advice to the Board of Managers regarding all matters coming before the Board of Managers at the monthly meetings of the full Board and the Board committee meetings. The County Attorney also provides legal advice at hospital committee meetings including meetings of the medical staff, the hospital ethics committee, peer review committees, the compliance committee and numerous other committees regarding a wide range of health care facility operational issues. The County Attorney provides legal counsel to ensure that all meetings are conducted in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, the Public Information Act, and standards mandated by numerous regulatory and accreditation authorities including the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
  • Legislation/Regulatory Review:
  • The County Attorney monitors legislative, licensing, and regulatory changes and advises the hospital district officer, administrators and medical and nursing staff on requirements for compliance. The County Attorney assists the Board of Managers in the development of a legislative agenda at both the state and federal level and coordinates lobbying activities on behalf of the District.
  • Legal Opinions/Policy Review:
  • The County Attorney issues formal and informal written opinions on a wide variety of matters upon request. The County Attorney also drafts, reviews and revises hospital policies and procedures and provides legal advice with respect to regulations applicable to governmental entities as well as regulations applicable to hospital districts and health care providers.
  • Contract Review/Procurement:
  • The County Attorney 1) provides timely review of all contracts submitted for approval by the Board of Managers and administration, 2) drafts contracts and interlocal agreements upon request, 3) assists in contract negotiation, and 4) advises with respect to contract interpretation and administration. The County Attorney also reviews and provides advice on procurement procedures and certifies compliance with procurement requirements. The County Attorney also advises with respect to ethics and conflict of interest issues related to procurement.
  • Construction/Real Estate:
  • The County Attorney provides legal services with respect to real property transactions of the District including sale, purchase, and leasing of real property, as well as eminent domain proceedings. The County Attorney also advises with respect to construction contracting and the administration of construction contracts.
  • 24 Hour Emergency (On-Call) Legal Advice:
  • The County Attorney provides for on-call legal advice 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays to assist hospital administrators requiring legal consults on an emergency basis on a variety of sensitive matters including patient consents and authorization for treatment, legal capacity issues, patient transfer issues, and directives to physician regarding the withhold of life sustaining procedures.
  • Hospital Litigation:
  • The County Attorney arranges for legal representation on all litigation filed against the hospital district including contract and employment suits, medical malpractice suits and general liability claims. The County Attorney will engage outside counsel as necessary to handle specific suits.
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