Ruben Duarte
Division Chief               
Juvenile Unit                    Family Youth Services Center 6314 Delta Dr.                        El Paso, TX 79905
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500 E. San Antonio
5th Floor, Suite 503
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Monday - Friday
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9521 Socorro Rd.  Suite A-3
El Paso , Texas 79927
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4641 Cohen St. Suite D
El Paso , Texas 79924
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435 E. Vinton Rd., Suite B
Vinton, Texas 79821
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County Attorney

  • Juvenile Unit
  • The Primary Goals are the vigorous prosecution of juvenile offenders who commit violent or gang related crimes and the prompt and efficient prosecution of juvenile offenders in general. Other goals include the development and implementation of an internal automated docket control mechanism, as well as continued training and contact with law enforcement, juvenile probation, schools, and various community groups concerned with juvenile delinquency.
  • The Juvenile Prosecution Unit is responsible for prosecuting individuals between the ages of 10 through 16 inclusively who commit crimes in El Paso County. The Juvenile Unit consists of six Assistant County Attorneys, four legal secretaries, and the investigators. The attorneys in the unit also serve as a legal resource for law enforcement and community groups concerned with juvenile delinquency. This has been accomplished through the formation and participation in the following organizations and efforts:
  •  -SISD Police Department Training
  •  -EPISD Police Department Training
  •  -El Paso County Attorney Community Prosecution Project
  •  -El Paso Anti-Graffiti Task Force
  •  -Youth Initiative Program
  •  -SHOCAP (Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program)
  •  -El Paso Police Department Juvenile Law Training
  •  -El Paso County Sheriff's Academy Training
  •  -Committee Against Youth Arson

PowerPoint Presentations


Bullying and Sexting PowerPoint Presentation (English) 

PowerPoint Trafico Internacional Juvenil de Drogas

Presentacion Bullying y Sexting (Spanish)

Video version en Espanol