District Attorney
Jaime Esparza


Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

500 E. San Antonio, 2nd Floor
El Paso County Courthouse
El Paso, Texas 79901

Phone: (915) 546-2059
Fax: (915) 533-5520

  •  Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a victim in a criminal case, who can help me?

    Please contact a Victim Assistance Advocate at 915-546-2091

    How do I get a protective order?

    Protective orders may be sought in cases involving domestic violence.

    If you believe you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

    For an emergency protective order, please contact your local law enforcement agency at 911.

    For all other inquiries relating to protective orders, please contact the County Attorney’s Office at 915-546-2050 or at www.epcounty.com/ca

    How can I check on the status of a criminal case pending in the District Attorney’s Office?

    If you are a victim in a criminal case, please refer all of your questions to a Victim Assistance Advocate (915-546-2091).

    Criminal case information that is public record can be obtained from the District Clerk’s Office (felony criminal cases) and the County Clerk’s Office (misdemeanor criminal cases). All other public case information and court hearing status can be obtained through a criminal case search on the El Paso County Website (www.epcounty.com)

    I have been charged with a crime, can I speak to a DA?

    The rules of professional conduct prohibit an attorney from communicating with a party to the lawsuit who is represented by a lawyer.