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  • Greetings from the El Paso County District Clerk,


    I am excited to announce that as of November 2016, eFiling is now available to file documents electronically in felony cases and civil cases as of November 8, 2013. We are complying with legislative and Supreme Court mandates, as well as moving forward with automation and paperless environment processes in order to create efficiencies and expedited services for our customers.


    If you are familiar with eFiling on the system and have chosen one of the following EFSP’s approved by the Office of the Court Administration (additional EFSPs will be added once they meet the certification requirements outlined by the Office of Court Administration) you may continue to use the same EFSP with 

      ProDoc eFiling  

    File & Serve Xpress     eLawServices Time                                                                        

    If not, it is imperative that you select an EFSP and register to transition to in order to avoid delays filing your documents electronically and/or delays in complying with the Texas Supreme Court mandate

    Please be sure to visit El Paso County’s E-filing Website for the updated local e-filing rules for the District Courts, upcoming training for filers and other pertinent information

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