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Domestic Relations Office

  • Court Order to Withhold Wages
  • Withholding from Earnings for Child Support - FAQ
  • How do I get my child support withheld from the obligor's paycheck?
  • Generally, a special document called a "withholding order" must be sent to the obligor's employer, ordering the employer to withhold or garnish the support from the obligor's check. This is separate from the order which sets the amount of child support (such as the decree of divorce or decree establishing the parent-child relationship). The withholding order tells the employer that they MUST take the child support from the worker's check and send it to the child support registry.
  • I don't have any document called an "Employer's Order to Withhold," all I have is my divorce decree (or paternity decree, or modification order). What can I do?
  • The Domestic Relations Office can prepare a withholding order for you for a $30.00 fee, or you may pay a private attorney to prepare the withholding order for you. To download the DRO application for preparation of a withholding order, click here.
  • Once I have a withholding order, what do I do to get the employer to follow it?
  • You need to have it "issued" to the employer. This means that the Domestic Relations Office sends a certified copy to the employer by certified mail, and proof that the employer received it is then filed in the court's case file. The FEE for having a withholding order issued is $30.00. Click here. for the form to request issuance.
  • The withholding order has been sent to the employer, but they're not withholding the child support. What can I do?
  • Once a proper withholding order has been issued to an employer, that employer MUST comply, or face possible penalties such as fines. The Domestic Relations Office can help resolve this problem. All you need to do is fill out the Application to Enforce a Withholding Order Against Employer, and pay the $30.00 application fee. Click here for the Application to Enforce a Withholding Order Against Employer.
  • My ex has gotten behind in paying the child support. Can I get a withholding order for more than just the regular support, so he/she gets caught up on what is owed?
  • Under certain circumstances, yes. However, if your ex has gotten behind, you may want to apply for enforcement of that court order through the DRO. The fee to apply is only $30.00, and that way we can assess the circumstances of your case to determine the best way to insure you get all the child support you are owed. Click here to download the application to enforce child support.
  • Will the DRO prepare withholding orders for spousal support (also known as maintenance or alimony?)
  • If the case also involves children, we can prepare the withholding order. If the parties did not have children with each other, we cannot.