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Chapter 381 Incentives Policy
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El Paso County’s Economic Development staff can help new and existing firms with general market information, locating office space and serving as a liaison with county government. Specialized marketing staff can assist small, minority and women-owned companies, firms seeking venture capital or international firms wanting to open a location in the U.S. The staff can direct a business to other resources in the county that can help with real estate transactions, veteran services, workforce development and training.

- Are there any fees associated with any of the services provided?
There are no fees associated with the services we provide.

- What assistance can El Paso County’s Economic Development Department provide if our company has already finished the site selection process and is just about to set up an office in El Paso County?
El Paso County’s Economic Development can provide updated information about the following areas which are often crucial to ensuring a successful establishment of a new office, industrial or commercial space: lists of real estate brokers, law firms, banks, customs brokers, and accounting companies. In addition, El Paso County’s Economic Development Department may be able to provide assistance regarding housing, schools and cultural amenities available.

- What incentives will the county provide to ensure that I move my company to El Paso?
El Paso County’s Economic Development Department works with other regional economic development stakeholders to ensure coordination on incentives that your firm may be eligible to apply. A listing of the business incentives that the county offers are shown in the incentives tab. Depending on the proposed location of the business, other communities may offer additional incentives, see Strategic Partners tab for more information.