Yvette Gonzalez
Program Manager

General Assistance Program
6314 Delta
El Paso, Texas 79905
(915) 546-8150

Community Services

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    General Assistance
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    Veterans Assistance Office
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  • General Assistance
  • A division of the Community Services Department
  • To provide a safe and healthy quality of life that enables people to thrive and reach their potential through the efficient, effective use of County community and social service programs.
  • -Meets the emergency rent or mortgage payment needs of El Paso County residents
  • -Provides emergency utility assistance
  • -Provides food vouchers and meets other critical needs when families encounter a loss of income
  • -Provides a dignified disposition of remains through the County's pauper burial program
  • Important Information
  • a. You must have had a documented emergency that has taken place within the last 3 months in order to receive assistance.
  • b. If you already receive rental subsidies from another entity you do not qualify for rental assistance through the General Assistance Program.
  • c. If you already receive utility subsidies from another entity you do not qualify for utility assistance through the General Assistance Program.
  • d. At this time there is limited funding for rental assistance, mortgage assistance, utility assistance: gas, water and electric.
  • e. If you do not receive utility subsidies, you must bring page 3 (tenant detail page) of your current HAP (housing assistance program) contract.
  • f. 9-12-17- The General Assistance Office previously located at the Yselta Annex 9521 Socorro Road has moved and consolidated with the General Assistance Office located inside the Family Youth Services Center at 6314 Delta Dr. El Paso, Texas 79905. General Assistance applications and the list of required documents can still be downloaded and printed off this General Assistance website. We can also be reach at 915-775-2791.
  • g. The sum of the documented emergency must be equal to or meet the 30% threshold of the household’s monthly income.
  • h. Assistance is limited to three times