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  • According to the American Heart Association, physical inactivity is considered a major risk factor in the development of the coronary artery disease. Even a small amount of aerobic exercise can help you stay healthy. To encourage increased physical activity, the Healthy Lifestyle Reimbursement Program offers an incentive to get you to exercise regularly.

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    Healthy Lifestyle Reimbursement Program Requirements - [PDF]
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  • Gym Membership
  • The County of El Paso recently contracted with three fitness facilities to provide services to all Full-time County Employees and their qualified family members up to the age of 26. The facilities are EP Fitness, Planet Fitness and The YMCA of EL Paso and services are being offered at locations throughout El Paso and in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The purpose of these contracts are to encourage and support healthier behaviors and assist in controlling healthcare costs. Employee health is an important role in the success of the County and we are happy to provide the resources for a healthier work environment through this exciting new option.
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    EP Fitness Application Planet Fitness Pass YMCA Application
      Planet Fitness Application  
      Basic $10.83/Individual Individual $38.00
    Individual $21.64 Black Card $21.64/Individual Family $55.00
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  • For additional information contact:
    Ronnie Goodluck
    546-2218 ext. 3275