County Judge, Veronica Escobar

  • Consolidate: Important summit here Wednesday
  • El Paso Times Staff

  • Call it one of the most important gatherings of El Paso's pencil pushers in memory. Those professionals who write the checks, using tax money, will convene Wednesday for the inaugural 2008 El Paso Shared Services Summit.

  • The idea is to find ways to save money in all taxing entities by use of consolidation. The summit was organized by County Commissioner Veronica Escobar. She said private money will pay expenses.

  • All taxing entities in El Paso County are expected to have high-level representatives at the summit, to be held at the Carlos M. Ramirez Tech H20 Water Resources Learning Center. Escobar stressed that the summit is for the professionals within the taxing entities, although elected officials are invited to attend.

  • That's important because, although elected councilpersons, commissioners and school trustees decide spending policies, it's the professionals on staff who handle the everyday arithmetic.

  • Escobar cited school libraries as a hypothetical example. Perhaps some of the smaller school districts in eastern El Paso County could build one large, joint library instead of two or three each building their own.

  • Consolidating on fuel purchasing could save taxpayer money, as another example. Often times buying in large bulk saves on cost.

  • There will be three main breakout categories, each moderated by a state official.

  • That's because it's a great idea to get taxing entities together so they can begin forming networks to find ways of getting better services, at a lesser cost, to taxpayers. 

  • County Judge
    Veronica Escobar