Juvenile Probation Department
6400 Delta Drive
El Paso, Texas 79905
Phone (915) 849-2500

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Juvenile Probation Department

  • Samuel F. Santana Challenge Academy
  • Purpose:

    Protect the community from high-risk offenders and to provide for their individualized treatment. It is intended to be a last chance alternative to a juvenile being committed to the Texas Youth Commission (TYC). Deliberately designed as a military-styled program combined with treatment that relies heavily on education and counseling.
  • Program Phases:

    1st Phase (Induction Phase) is 30 days (Uniform blue t-shirt)
    2nd Phase (Treatment Phase) is 60 days (Uniform maroon t-shirt)
    3rd Phase (Military Academy Phase) is 60 days (Uniform green shirt)
    C.A.A.P. (Challenge Attitude Adjustment Program) is 10 days (Uniform orange t-shirt)
  • Aftercare: Project EXITO

    Project EXITO is a transitional program developed to aid the graduates of the Challenge Program transition into the community as a productive citizen. The primary objective is to divert Challenge Program graduates from re-entering the Juvenile System through the use of local contacts and agencies.