Juvenile Probation Department
6400 Delta Drive
El Paso, Texas 79905
Phone (915) 849-2500

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Juvenile Probation Department

  • Intake Unit
  • Purpose:
  • Processes incoming referrals from all law enforcement agencies within El Paso County on juveniles accused of committing an offense.
  • Responsibilites:
  • Review police reports to verify jurisdiction and probable cause
    Conduct juvenile background investigation
    Conduct interviews of referred juveniles and their families
    Conduct assessments
    Recommend for the juvenile to be detained or released
    Recommend court intervention or other alternatives
  • Programs:
  • 1) Juvenile Court Conference Committees - Juvenile faces the consequences for his or her actions without the need of a formal court procedure.
    Family’s participation is voluntary
    Not to exceed more than six months
    Completion of program closes case
    2) Deferred Prosecution - Keeps the juvenile from going to court and coming into the system. Holds the juvenile accountable for his/her actions without ignoring the interest of the victims and society.