Juvenile Probation Department
6400 Delta Drive
El Paso, Texas 79905
Phone (915) 849-2500

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Juvenile Probation Department

  • Training Unit
  • JPD staff training

  • JPD staff training

  • Purpose:
  • To provide innovative and creative training opportunities in order to enhance departmental knowledge while always meeting the Departmentís needs.
  • Responsibilities:
  • • Maintain staffís certifications
  • • Provide all necessary trainings for all staff according to TJJD/Departmental standards
  • • Establish a fluid training routine and schedule, allowing all employees to receive training.
  • • Maintain detailed records of accumulated training hours for each employee
  • • Submit necessary documentation to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for statutory certification of all newly appointed offices and for re-certification of all experienced officers
  • • Develop and maintain a professional training and curriculum library utilized by staff and trainers
  • • Responsible for ensuring department units are in compliance with TJJD standards by developing and updating training unit policy and procedure
  • • Responsible for developing a training monitoring system and updating the Departmentís training curriculums
  • • Organize, administer and/or conduct orientation program for all new department staff
  • • Collaborate with Department supervisors and administrators to develop needs assessment tools and prioritize training requirements and requests.
  • • Collaborate with licensed professionals, external agencies and education institutions to identify training resources and programs.