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Dr. Mariano Samaniego

Dr. Mariano Samaniego was born in Sonora, Mexico in 1831. Dr. Samaniego was educated at the Seminary in Durango, Mexico, as well as the University of Paris in France. In 1859, he became one of the first medical doctors and dentists in El Paso, Texas or Ciudad Juárez. He represented a very small group of Mexican professionals in El Paso during this time. In his lifetime, Dr. Samaniego held several political offices, serving as the Mexican Vice-Consul to Franklin, Texas in 1872-73 and the Chihuahua State Governor in 1876.

He died in October 1905. His legacy is that he served as one of the founding fathers of the city of El Paso. Dr. Samaniego is the great grandfather of El Paso County Sheriff, Leo Samaniego.

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critical thinking
What were some of the challenges faced by Mexican citizens in the El Paso area in the 19th century? Compare and contrast those challenges with the challenges faced by Mexican Americans in the area today.

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