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Carmen Siquerios de Samaniego

Wife of Dr. Mariano Samaniego and sister of Jesusita Siqueiros de Hart, the wife of Simeon Hart. Mexican-American women who came to El Paso with their husbands made many great contributions to the foundation of the city, although many of them go unnamed. Women were responsible for caring for their homes, tending the gardens and animals on the larger ranchos, and keeping the families together while their husbands tended to official business. Many women were instrumental in founding schools and churches. In some southwestern towns and cities, women took jobs as seamstresses. Quilt-making, punch-work, tatting, and embroidery were skills that were in high demand.

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critical thinking
What were some of the challenges faced by women in the El Paso area in the 19th century? Compare and contrast those challenges with the challenges faced by women in the area today.

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