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Juana Maria Ascarate de Stephenson

Juana Maria Ascarate de Stephenson was an aristocratic daughter of a wealthy El Paso del Norte merchant and heir to a considerable fortune in land, cattle and mines in the Corralitas area. She married Hugh Stephenson, an Anglo-American, in August 1828. Hugh was a pioneer and fur trader from Kentucky. Juana and her husband, known as Don Hugo, built a great house they termed “Casa de Grande de Alto” in a ranch estate called Concordia near what is now Concordia Cemetery.

Juana and her husband, while among the wealthiest in the region, felt a social obligation to the poor, sick and needy throughout the El Paso area. Juana Ascárate de Stephenson died on February 6, 1856, when she was fatally gored by a deer she had nurtured from a fawn.

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Write a short story about how you imagine the daughter of a wealthy Hispanic businessman and an Anglo-American pioneer met and married in the early nineteenth century.

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