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During the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, an estimated 890,371 legal Mexicans immigrants came to the United States from Mexico. People migrated to the United State for many reasons-some did not want to fight in the revolution, some were concerned about the economic situation, which grew steadily worse as the revolution continued. Others feared the violence and chaos that were spreading throughout the country, and ran to the save haven of the United States. In addition, many Mexican revolutionaries and federals came to the United States when conditions became impossible in Mexico. Their plan was to plot further incursions into Mexico. Many others were political or economic refugees looking for stable work in the United States.

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People migrated to the United States during the Mexican Revolution for many different reasons-many were trying to escape violence, poverty, and destruction. What were some new challenges they might have found when they came to the United States? How do those challenges compare to the situation they left behind in Mexico? Why?

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