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  •   The golden years we spent together
  • are not forgotten; they are ours forever.
  • Dan Kopra
  • Dan Kopra (1957 - 2005)
  • Throughout his life, Dan found joy in the outdoors and music. He developed a love for the water at an early age and was an avid swimmer and scuba diver. He frequently went to Balmorhea to scuba dive and recently took his first extended diving trip in the Bahamas with friends. Family and friends often enjoyed listening to Dan play piano and guitar; this was a source of great happiness to him. Born in Austin, Texas, February 26, 1957, Dan became an Eagle Scout before graduating from McCallum High School in Austin. Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1979 and a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1986 from St. Mary s University in San Antonio. Dan moved to El Paso in 1987 to become an Assistant Attorney General and in 1989 began service as an Assistant District Attorney. In 1996, he joined the Public Defender s Office. Dan was a member of the Texas State Bar and a leader for the Eckankar group in El Paso.
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