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El Paso County Public Defender

  •   In our hearts you will always stay,
  • Loved and remembered every day.
  • Peter Bright (1951 - 2007 )
  • We honor seven years of service and commitment to our Office and to the defense of the Constitution, and your defense of those most in need of its protection: the underprivileged, the indigent, the accused. Thank you for your tireless advocacy, for fighting for your clients with pen and sword. For standing between the individual and the unfettered power of the State; for standing between the accused and his accuser, his jailer and executioner. For protecting your client’s dignity, freedom and life. For wielding your sword with courage and bravery, with skill and precision, y con mucho corazon. Lay down your shield, Warrior, pass me your sword. You fought your last battle, you defeated your last foe. You were called home. Those of us remaining will honor your name and attempt to be worthy of your sword.
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