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El Paso County Public Defender

  • Legal Staff
  • Public Defender
  • M. Clara Hernandez
  • First Assistant
  • Robert Riley
  • Division Chiefs:
  • Blu Sanders - Special Units
  • Jaime Gandara - Capital Murder
  • Trial Team Chiefs
  • John Garcia
  • Daniel Marquez
  • Janet Chavez
  • Bill Juvrud
  • Assistant Public Defenders
  • Penny Andersen Jay Nye
    Will Banta Sandra Ortega
    Felix Castanon Edy Payan
    Dave Contreras Bruce Ponder
    Bill Cox Carole Powell
    John Garcia Elizabeth Sanchez
    Ralph Garcia Bob Storch
    Gerald Georges Kate Sullivan
    Jo Ann Jacinto Greg Velasquez
    Phil Kenrick Enrique Martin
    Julia Martin Joe Monsivais
    Wes Navidomskis