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  • Probate Courts, El Paso County
  • Judge Eduardo Gamboa
  • The El Paso County Probate Courts are a statutorily created probate court system headed by elected judges. In general, a probate court probates the wills of deceased persons, declares the heirs of deceased persons who die without a will, establishes guardianships for incapacitated persons and minors, and supervises court-ordered involuntary mental health commitments in El Paso County.
  • A probate court also has jurisdiction to hear lawsuits appertaining to or incident to an estate of a decedent or ward as well as actions by or against a personal representative of a decedentís or wardís estate. These ancillary cases cover a wide range of topics, from product liability to fiduciary litigation to medical malpractice to family law.
  • Government Code 37.001 - 37.005
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