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  • Small Estate Affifavit
    Administrative Order Small Estate
    Authorization and MERP Certification
    Order Approving Small Estate Affidavit
    Application for Appointment of a Permanent Guardian of the Person and Estate
    Authorization and MERP Certification
    Co-Guardian's Report on the Condition of Ward
    Criminal History Background Checks

    To schedule an appointment, follow the directions listed at the top portion of the form. The case number for Section One on the form, will be the guardianship case number except without the zero after the Letter D (PC-0000CGD0000). For example, if your guardianship case number is 2014-CGD01233, the number you’d reference would be PC-2014CGD01233. Remember that the case number is four numeric characters, CGD, and five numeric characters with no spaces and no hyphen.
    Guardianship Referral
    Guardian's Report on the Condition of Ward
    Judgement Declaring Heirship
    Order Appointing Permanent Guardian of the Person and Estate
    Physician's Certificate of Medical Examination
    Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs or an Appeal Bond
  • Mental Health Applications
  • Application for Emergency Detention by Any Adult
    Notification - Emergency Detention, Police Department
    Notification - Emergency Detention, Sheriff's Office
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