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  • Crimes Against Property
  • The Crimes Against Property Section is responsible for investigating those crimes that result in the loss of property, through intentional damage, or theft. The Crimes Against Property Section also investigates White Collar Crimes and manages the Abandoned Motor Vehicle impound yard. We work diligently to investigate every case thoroughly, recover property, and prosecute criminals responsible for those crimes.
  • Section supervisor - Sgt John Greer- 538-2273
  • Six Detectives are assigned to follow up criminal investigations.
  • Three Detectives are assigned to white collar crimes.
  • One Civilian technicians is assigned to the abandoned motor vehicle section.
  • Each detective investigates thefts, burglaries, and criminal mischief cases; while detectives in white collar crimes investigate fraudulent business practices, identity theft and public integrity cases.
  • The abandoned motor vehicle section generates money through the auction of abandoned vehicles which makes it possible to supplement law enforcement efforts.
  • To report any crime against property, or a white collar crime call 546-2280 or 538-2291.
  • To obtain information on the abandoned motor vehicle section call 538-2009.
  • To Report Crimes or contact Detectives please call:
  • Crimes against Property (915) 538-2273
  • White Collar Crimes (915) 538-2291
  • Abandoned Motor Vehicle (915) 538-2009
  • Sheriff's Office Headquarters
  • 3850 Justice Dr.
  • El Paso, TX 79938
  • (915) 538-2273
  • Crime Victim Services
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