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  • Forensics Section
  • The Forensics Section, also referred to as the Crime Scene Unit, is civilianized unit comprised of one Crime Scene Unit Supervisor, five Crime Scene Investigators, and 2 Latent Print Examiners. The Forensics Section,, is the primary support section to the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and Detention Division. The Crime Scene Unit assists other Law Enforcement Agencies upon request, or as needed.
  • Mission Statement:
    To provide quality criminal investigative support to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and County Agencies by handling timely and thorough investigations using advanced investigative techniques. The Unit is committed to the use of forensic science in the investigation of crimes to prosecute and convict criminals and to exonerate the innocent.
  • Crime Scene Investigators:
    Crime Scene Investigators support the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and County Agencies throughout El Paso, providing professional crime scene investigative techniques. The unit is composed of Certified Investigators who may collect hair, fibers, latent fingerprints, DNA, obtain detailed measurements, video recordings, and photographs at the scene.
  • Latent Print Examiners:
    Latent Print Examiners analyze and evaluate latent print evidence to determine the value of impressions for comparison and identification. Latent Print Examiners perform local, state, and integrated (federal) AFIS database submissions. The examiners photograph and process evidence using various laboratory techniques. They fingerprint the public and individuals for identification or background check purposes. They assist County Agencies with fingerprint identification and processing.
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
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