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County Tax Assessor-Collector

  • Motor Vehicle Titles & Registration
  • Section 520.031 of the Texas Transportation Code has been renumbered as Section 501.145. This statute has been amended to change the number of days in which a purchaser must file for transfer of title and registration. The period to file the application has changed from "not later than the 20th working day" after receiving documents, to the "30th day after the date of assignment on the documents or the date provided by Section 152.069 of the Texas Code." The period for active duty military or members of the reserves changes from the "60th working day after their receipt" to the "60th day after the date of assignment." Seller-financed transactions continue to have a 45-day period. The late fee now begins on the 31st day after date of assignment on the documents. If the application is "filed after the 60th day after the date the purchaser was assigned ownership of the documents under Section 501.0721" an additional $25 for each subsequent 30-day period or portion of a 30-day period is due.
  • Section 520.032 of the Texas Transportation Code has been renumbered and split into two Sections. The $2.50 registration transfer fee required to be paid by the purchaser was moved to new Section 502.192 of the Texas Transportation Code.
  • The criteria requiring a vehicle to be currently registered was eliminated and moved to Section 501.146. Many additional applications for a transfer of title that are not filed within the 30-day time period (or applicable time period) will be subject to the late transfer fee. The late transfer fee will apply to any transfer of title for the following types of ownership documents (regardless of whether they vehicle is currently registered):
  • • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • • Out of State Certificate of Title
  • • Original Texas Certificate of Title
  • • Certified Copy of Certificate of Texas Title
  • • Form 97, U.S. Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle
  • • Government Bill of Sale
  • • Auction Sales Receipt
  • • Bonded Titles
  • • Court Orders
  • • Title Hearings
  • • Mechanic's Liens
  • The title to a motor vehicle must be transferred within 20 working days of the actual purchase to avoid penalties. After that date, a 5% penalty is assessed on the amount of motor vehicle tax due. After an additional 30 calendar days, an additional 5% (total 10%) penalty applies. The State of Texas imposes a motor vehicle sales and use tax of 6.25% times the net purchase price of any vehicle used by Texas residents. All used vehicles purchased from anyone other than a licensed car dealer will pay sales tax based on the car's Standard Presumptive Value. This tax is also imposed at the time of initial registration on the net fair market value of all leased vehicles. New Texas residents pay a flat $90.00 tax on each vehicle, whether leased or owned when they establish a Texas residence. The only requirement for this tax to apply is that the vehicle must have been registered in the name of the owner in another state or with the proof of the lease agreement. The cost of a new title is $33.00. If the vehicle is currently registered there is a $2.50 charge to transfer the registration to the new owner. If the vehicle is not currently registered, this must be done when the title is transferred and will reset the month of expiration to a period of twelve months including the month in which you record the transfer.
  • There are certain circumstances in which you may title the vehicle without registering it. At the time of a "title only" situation, proof of liability insurance is not required. However, the vehicle must not be driven on any public roads unregistered and the license plates and window sticker must be surrendered.
  • Registration Fees
  • As of September 1, 2011, vehicle registration fees changed to make it easier for Texans to know what to pay.

  • Fees are standardized for cars, light pickups, heavy vehicles, including heavy–duty pickups, motor homes and commercial trucks, trailers and travel trailers.

  • Many Texans should see their passenger vehicle registration fee decrease, but those with older cars will experience a nominal increase that will not exceed $11. This allows the fee to be standardized for all cars and light trucks.

  • The new standard fee creates a base registration of $50.75 for cars and light pick–up trucks. Motor vehicles 6,001 to 10,000 pounds, which includes half–ton pick–up trucks, pay $54 annual registration fee.

  • The new law, called Fee Simplification, means everyone will pay the same amount each year. Since registration is paid annually in advance, Texans with registration expiring on August 31, 2011 are already receiving renewal notices with the new fee.

  • Your car and light truck registration renewal notice will show a charge of $52.75, which includes the $50.75 base fee, plus a $1 automation fee (used for improvements to the registration and title system) and $1 for the Department of Public Safety to support the TexasSure electronic insurance verification program. You will see these fees itemized on your registration receipt.

  • Local county fees will be included in the total amount owed. These fees are collected with registration fees through the County Tax Assessor–Collector´s office and vary from $5 to $11.50 depending on the county.

  • Some fees are completely eliminated, including the annual 30–cent reflectorization fee on your registration renewal, and the $5 charge to transfer your license plates from a vehicle you sold or traded in to your new vehicle. Transferring the plates protects you from someone running up toll charges or committing criminal activity with a plate number that traces back to your name.

  • Those with heavy vehicles where registration fees were previously calculated by 100–pound weight increments in 1,600 fee categories will now find their registration fees fall into seven weight classifications.

  • In addition, 75 trailer and travel trailer fess categories are reduced to one – $45 to register any trailer up to 6,000 pounds.

  • A select group of other fees are eliminated or reduced. A new chart shows all the changes. Another shows the complete list of new registration fees as of September 1.
  • Each time you register your vehicle or renew the registration for your vehicle you are required to provide proof that the vehicle meets the requirements of Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act. The Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act provides that no motor vehicle may be operated in the State of Texas unless liability insurance coverage for the vehicle in at least the minimum amounts indicated below remains in effect to insure against potential losses: 1. $30,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of one person in any accident, 2. $60,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in any one accident, subject to limit of 30,000.00 for one person, and 3. $25,000.00 because of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident.
  • State of Texas Insurance Verification Program
  • Minimum Insurance Requirements
  • This provision does not apply to motor vehicles, which are exempt from the insurance requirement of this Act.
  • If you renew your vehicle's registration in any month after it is due you will be required to state whether it has been used during the period it has not been registered. Depending on the facts, registration will be prorated for any months in which the vehicle has not been used or a penalty of 20% in addition to the full year's registration will be charged. You will be asked to attest to the vehicle's nonuse by signing a statement on the back of the registration receipt. Any use after the fifth day after the registration expires serves to disqualify the owner from pro-ration of registration and subjects the registration to the 20% penalty.