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Victim Services
Luis Montes

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West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department

  • Victim Services Program (VSP)
  • Volunteer | Important Contact Info
  • Victim Information Notification Everyday
  • 1-877 596-VINE
  • What is V.I.N.E?
  • - VINE is a free, comprehensive automated victim notification system that provides automated call services for crime victims AT THE PROBATION LEVEL
  • - This system allows victims of crime, family members, the public and criminal justice officers to a 24-hour, toll-free number to receive basic information about an offender
  • How will V.I.N.E work in Probation?
  • - Currently, the VINE system is available to provide basic information on the offender who has been arrested and is going through the court system. However, once he has been placed on probation, no automated information has existed to give information to the victim. THIS WILL NOW CHANGE.
  • - VINE will tell you if an offender is on probation and will provide further important information
  • - If the offender changes probation officers, you will be notified
  • - If there is a change in the offender's status such as when an offender stops reporting, you will be notified.
  • - If you are a victim and the court ordered restitution to be paid to you, you will also receive notification when the offender makes a payment to you
  • For crime victims, there is empowerment in information. Take charge by calling this number.
  • 1-877-596-VINE