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Part One: General Rules:
Rule 1.01: Title, Scope, Authority and Application of Local Rules
Rule 1.02: Parties proceeding process
Rule 1.03: Private service of process
Rule 1.04: Court security
Rule 1.05: Emergency and special sessions; temporary orders

Part Two: Local Administration and Local Administrative Judge:
Rule 2.01: Local courts Administration
Rule 2.02 Election of the local administrative judge
Rule 2.03: Powers and duties of local administrative judge
Rule 2.04: Information of local administrative judge

Part Three: Civil Cases:
Rule 3.01: Filing and assignment of cases
Rule 3.02: Transfer of cases; docket exchange; bench exchange
Rule 3.03: Request for hearings, non-jury trial settings, and other non-jury appearances
Rule 3.04: Presentation of orders
Rule 3.05: Request for setting - jury
Rule 3.06: Assignment of cases for trial
Rule 3.07: Conflicting setting and assignments of counsel
Rule 3.08: Resetting cases
Rule 3.09: Dismissal docket; involuntary dismissal
Rule 3.10: Suspense docket - dismissals, bankruptcy, suggestion of death, abatement
Rule 3.11: Hearings on pre-trail motions, exceptions, and pleas, pre-trial procedures (civil cases)
Rule 3.12: Noncompliance with conference procedures
Rule 3.13: Severance and consolidation
Rule 3.13a Summary judgment motion and proceedings
Rule 3.14: Continuances
Rule 3.15: Complex case designation
Rule 3.16: Alternative dispute resolution
Rule 3.17: Trial witnesses and exhibits
Rule 3.18: Settlements
Rule 3.19: Withdrawal and copying of documents
Rule 3.20: Other local rules

Part Four: Family Law Cases:
Rule 4.01: Filing of family law cases
Rule 4.02: Ancillary proceedings, temporary orders, and emergency matters
Rule 4.03: Uncontested matters
Rule 4.04: Financial information statements; inventory and appraisement; and pre-trial procedure
Rule 4.05: Jury demand and withdrawal of jury demand
Rule 4.06: Objection to referral
Rule 4.07: Withdrawal of objection
Rule 4.08: Cancellation of court setting
Rule 4.09: Request for setting
Rule 4.10: Confirmation of lengthy hearings
Rule 4.11: Proposed orders or decrees
Rule 4.12: Jane doe
Rule 4.13 65th District Court rules for child protection cases

Part Five: Criminal Cases:
Rule 5.01: Filings; return of indictments; assignment of cases after indictment
Rule 5.02: Appointment of counsel
Rule 5.03: Withdrawal or substitution of counsel
Rule 5.04: Continuance, resetting, postponements
Rule 5.05: Pre-trial hearings - criminal cases
Rule 5.06: Interpreters - criminal cases

Part Six: Jury Management:
Rule 6.01: Empanelling juries

Part Seven: Judicial Vacation: Judicial Education:
Rule 7.01: Judicial vacation
Rule 7.02: Masters, associate judges, jail magistrates, and referees

Part Eight: Non-Judicial Personnel:
Rule 8.01: Non-judicial personnel
Rule 8.02: Conduct of non-judicial personnel

Part Nine: Attorneys:
Rule 9.01: Conduct and decorum in the courtroom
Rule 9.02: Attorney vacations
Rule 9.03: Cjis database, clerks, attorneys responsibility

Part Ten: Miscellaneous Local Rules:
Rule 10.01 Local practices not published in these rules

Part Eleven: Electronic Age:
Rule 11.01: Designation of cases to be electronically filed
Rule 11.02: Assignment by the vendor of personal identification numbers
Rule 11.03: Electtonic filing of pleadings and other documents
Rule 11.04: Conventional filing of documents
Rule 11.05: Service of conventional filing
Rule 11.06: Utilization of pin
Rule 11.07: Representations by using a typographical signature
Rule 11.08: Effect of electronic service
Rule 11.09: Electronic filing of affidavits and other sworn documents
Rule 11.10: Format of electronically filed documents
Rule 11.11: Time for filing and effect of use of efile
Rule 11.12 Electronic filing and service of court orders and other papers
Rule 11.13 Title of pleadings and other documents
Rule 11.14 Public access to electronically filed documents
Rule 11.15* Waiver of rule
Rule 11.16* Voluntary electronic filing
*rule 11.15 & 11.16 Amended september 24, 1998.

1. Rule 18c(a) of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure:
Guidelines for the broadcasting, televising, photographing and recording of court proceedings in the District and County of El Paso adopted February 24, 1993
2. Standard Bond Settings for the El Paso County, Texas adopted January 30, 1992
3. Death Penalty Fee Schedule
4. Non-Death Penalty Fee Schedule
5. Child Welfare Fee Schedule
6. Jury Request Form
7. El Paso County Certificate of Readiness form
8. Attorney Vacation Certificate form