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Norma L. Favela
El Paso County District Clerk

Norma L. Favela

Dear Prospective Juror,

Welcome to i-Juror El Paso County’s 24-hours-a-day jury management system that allows you to complete questionnaires, respond to jury summonses, post-pone your jury duty date, find answers to the most frequently asked questions about jury service, request qualified exemptions from jury service, and much more. 

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Notice: Jurors will need to take alternate routes when reporting to the County Courthouse for Jury Duty due to the City’s rehabilitation of downtown trainway bridges project on Kansas St. planned from February 2, 2015 to April 18, 2015.
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Notice: Pursuant to HB 2717, which was passed by the Texas Legislature in the regular session and signed by the Governor on 6/17/2011: The age for the child exemption has been changed from 15 years old to under 12 years old.


    If you require a sign language interpreter in order to serve as a juror, please contact the District Clerk’s Office as soon as you receive this summons in order to ensure arrangements can be made and services are available for you on the date you are to report. There are several different ways to request a sign language interpreter:

By Phone: 915-546-8102 and ask for Alfredo Marquez, Jury Supervisor
By email:
By fax: 915-546-8139
By Mail or In Person:

            El Paso County District Clerk’s Office – Jury Division
            Attention: Alfredo Marquez
            200 S. Kansas St.
            El Paso TX 79901

It is important that you please make arrangements upon receipt of this jury summons, or no later than 10 days prior to your scheduled date for jury service.


    Jurors may park at the El Paso County Courthouse parking garage, located at 500 E. Overland Ave. (Corner of Overland and Kansas). Entrance is on Overland.

Note: Tickets you receive for unauthorized parking or while on private property will not be the responsibility of the court.


    From Liberty Hall, selected jurors will be escorted to the County Courthouse. Upon entering the Courthouse, you will be required to go through a magnetometer.All briefcases, purses and packages will be x-rayed by security. You may be required to remove belts with large metal buckles.The following items are prohibited in the building: firearms, knives, scissors or any other sharp object or weapons


    If your employer requires proof of attendance, you may obtain a certificate in the jury assembly room. You may obtain your certificate after your service has been completed.


    Jury service may vary from one to several days, depending on the trial in which you serve. You will serve for the entire length of the trial.


    Attendance pays $6.00 for each day or fraction of a day while a person is in attendance in Court as a prospective juror but not selected and $40.00 for each day or fraction of each day if selected for jury duty service and sworn in to sit on a jury. If excused from jury duty at Liberty Hall, you will not be compensated for jury service.


   The City and County of El Paso have joined together to make jury service more convenient for you. A free bus pass, providing round trip service to Downtown, is included with the juror summons. The pass is valid only for the date of your jury service as indicated.


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   1. From Interstate 10 exit Downtown (exit 19B) on to East Missouri Ave. (from east) or Wyoming Ave (from west)
   2. Turn South on Kansas St.
   3. Turn East on Overland St
   4. Enter County Parking Garage
   5. Take Elevator to the 1st Floor
   6. Follow yellow footprints to Liberty Hall entrance on Kansas St.


Jury Service

You can complete your questionnaire on-line or return it via mail. You can
see the current status of your summons, request a deferral or request an excuse: Enter your six-digit Juror ID Number, your five digit Electronic Signature, as shown on your Qualification Questionnaire or Summons form, and your Date of Birth below, then click the Login button.


Reschedule Jury Service

We have listened to your ideas and suggestions and now, you can reschedule your jury service online or through our automated phone system immediately upon receiving your summons. To reset, disqualify or exempt yourself from jury service, simply enter, in the appropriate field, your six-digit Juror ID Nmber, your five-digit Electronic Signature, and your Date of Birth above, then click the Login button.

Notice: As per the Council of Judges please note that any requests for excuse/deferral will require that you complete the questionnaire either online or return the questionnaire via mail. Otherwise the excuse/deferral may be declined.