Norma L. Favela
Dear Prospective Juror:

Welcome to i-Juror! El Paso County’s 24-hours-a-day jury management system that allows you to complete questionnaires, respond to jury summonses, post-pone your jury duty date, request qualified exemptions from jury service, and much more. Everyone who works in or for the Judicial Branch of government i.e., Judges, Court Reporters, Clerks, Bailiffs, Court Coordinators, and others understand that jury service is many times a considerable sacrifice we all make in the pursuit of justice—and we are proud to be able to provide you with this tool to save you time and postage to complete your jury tasks on-line at times which are convenient to you!

Thank you again for participating in the jury service process. Your civic service strengthens our nation, our justice system and our community.

Respectfully Submitted,

Norma L. Favela
District Clerk