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Montwood Drive Construction Update: August 1, 2014


On Montwood Drive:

Contractors have just recently completed pouring concrete for the roadway at the Montwood and McRae intersection.

From McRae to the first inlet at Fir St. the roadway has been processed and compacted in preparation for paving activities, which are soon to follow.

Contractors installed box culvert walls and tops at Montwood between Camwood and Linum.

On Montwood, workers are also continuing to trench and prepare the subgrade for additional box culverts.

On Windrock:

The City’s contractor has installed temporary stop signs on Windrock, and has opened street to vehicular traffic.



On Montwood:

Contractors are currently pouring sidewalk and wheel chair ramps on the Northern said of Montwood between Zanzibar and Windrock.

New curbs are also being installed on Montwood: on both sides of the road between McRae to Honolulu.

The contractor for the El Paso Water Utilities is continuing to remove an abandoned 20” water main on Montwood between Wedgewood and Windrock.


Posted detours remain in place along Montwood Drive between McRae and Yarbrough. Eastbound and westbound traffic will continue travelling in the lanes south of the median.


*Information provided by: City of El Paso Engineering and Construction Management Department