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Hot Checks Warrants Available Online

List contains nearly 5,000 individuals who face criminal charges

El Paso County Attorney José Rodríguez announced today a new service that will allow the public to easily check the current county's hot checks warrants list. The list is available starting today from any computer with internet access by visiting the El Paso County web page:

The Chief of the Criminal Unit, Kent Sutton said the publication of the warrants list is the first step towards increasing hot check collections in El Paso County.

"We believe the public display of the names of individuals with warrants might serve as a deterrent for hot checks writers, and will motivate some of them to come forward to pay any outstanding amounts" Kent Sutton said..

"We also think small business owners will find the list useful in determining whether or not they should take a check from an individual."

The Hot Check Unit of the El Paso County Attorney's Office offers merchants and individuals free collection services of the face amount of the hot check and an additional fee of $30 for the benefit of the payee; they also prosecute hot check writers in court.

 It is estimated that currently hot check writers owe local businesses more than $5 million dollars. Just during the first 9 months of fiscal year 2006, and thanks in part to hot check initiatives implemented along with the El Paso Police Department, the El Paso Hot Checks Warrants Cont. Page #2

Sheriff's Department and the local Constables, this office has collected more than $1.25 million dollars in restitution and fees to local merchants.

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For those interested members of the media, the Chief of the Hot Checks Unit Kent Sutton will be available for interviews later today at the County Attorney's Office, 5th floor of the County Building in downtown El Paso. Please call if you are interested in talking to him.

 Hot Checks Warrant List.pdf