County Attorney Press Releases


El Paso County Attorney José R. Rodríguez announced today the sentencing in the case of a truck driver who pleaded guilty of illegal dumping for transporting and illegally disposing of construction debris.

34-year-old George Espinoza was sentenced today to 12 months probation and a $3,500 fine after pleading guilty to 2 counts of illegal dumping, one for transporting the debris, and another for disposing of it illegally.


According to the offense report, on or about April 16, 2007, at approximately 3:15 p.m., an El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Espinoza after discovering him dumping large pieces of concrete and dirt mixed with paper, in the desert area near the 3500 block of Rene, in far East El Paso County.


           Deputy Raúl Galván obtained the necessary evidence to file the criminal charges, and the case was presented to the County Criminal Court at Law #1, the environmental court in El Paso County.


            This morning George Espinoza admitted that the day of the offense he was driving a large dump truck belonging to the family business, Espinoza Grading, and then plead guilty to 2 charges of illegal dumping before visiting Judge *** Alcalá, who sentenced him to 12 months probation, and to pay a $3,500 fine, along with court costs.


            El Paso County Attorney José R. Rodríguez explained that illegal dumping is a serious on-going problem in the county of El Paso, and he stressed that the County Attorney’s Office will continue to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.


“The illegal dumping of construction debris is pervasive throughout our community. It is an eyesore and it is bad for the environment because it contaminates the land and breeds pests,” said Rodríguez.


Rodriguez explained that illegal dumping of trash and construction debris is also dangerous when used as fill because if a structure is erected on top of it, years later the foundation of the building could shift due to the pockets of air forming underneath. Illegal dumping is also unfair to the victim who might have to pay for the expensive legal disposal of unscrupulous dumpers, looking to save a buck by illegally disposing of their waste.”


              The penalty for illegal dumping ranges from a fine up to $10,000 for an individual, or up to 2 years  in jail, or both fine and incarceration.  For an association or corporation, the fine is up to $10,000. 

 To report illegal dumping or other environmental crime, call your local law enforcement agency:  911 if you see it happening; the Environmental Hotline at 1-888-6EL-PASO, El Paso Police Dept. at 832-4400, or El Paso Sheriff’s Dept. at 538-2210.             # # #

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