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Arrest roundups to follow publication of the names
             On Sunday October 19, 2008, the El Paso County Attorney’s Office will be publishing names of more than 4,500 individuals with outstanding hot-check warrants in the two main local newspapers: El Paso Times and Diario de El Paso. The 4,626 individuals owe local merchants almost 4 million dollars. 

             At any time after the publication of the list, officers from the El Paso Sheriff’s Office, Texas DPS Rangers, Constables, and investigators from the County Attorney's Office will conduct hot-check warrant roundups, arresting individuals at their homes and place of employment.
 Since Friday October 3, 2008, when the amnesty week was announced, the El Paso County Attorney's Office has received more than $98,000 in payments for outstanding hot checks.

             Individuals with outstanding hot-checks may attempt to avoid arrest in the upcoming roundups by paying as soon as possible. However, the amnesty period is over, and law enforcement officers can conduct arrests at any time without prior notice.  

To make payments individuals need to go to the El Paso County Attorney’s Office, 5th floor of the County Courthouse, 500 E. San Antonio, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Forms of payment accepted include most credit cards, money orders, cashiers checks, and cash, however those paying cash would have to bring the exact amount (cashiers can’t give change). 

For more information regarding hot check payments and balances please contact the El Paso County Attorney’s Office Hot Check Unit at 546-2051. The complete and updated list of individuals with theft by check outstanding warrants will remain posted in the El Paso County web site at:  

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