County Attorney Press Releases

El Paso County Attorney Releases the Names of Thousands of Individuals with Outstanding Hot-Check Warrants

As of Friday February 27, 2015, records of El Paso County indicate that the following individuals had a warrant for their arrest. A name placed on this list is not evidence of guilt. This information is prepared from public records and may not be current and should not be relied on for arrests or any other purposes. This list is informational only and is limited to misdemeanor “Theft by Check” cases. Although reasonable care is taken, clerical errors may exist. Searches based on a name are not always accurate due to use of middle/maiden/married names, or variations in spelling.

For more information regarding hot-check payments and balances please contact the El Paso County Attorney's Office Hot Check Unit at 546-2051. Individuals with outstanding warrants can make payments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through “Hot Check ePay,” by visiting the El Paso County Attorney’s Office web-page at

 2015 Warrant List.pdf


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