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November 2013 - Posts

Commissioner Carlos Leon's Thanksgiving Message


“Spice is not Nice” Resolution


During the November 4th session of Commissioners Court, Commissioner Leon presented a resolution declaring November of 2013 as Spice is not Nice Month.

Commissioner Leon recognized Ruth Rivas to narrate a PowerPoint presentation. She shared with the public her grief from the death of her son, Adam Robert Hernandez, whose death was attributed to the use of spice.

During the presentation, Ms. Rivas explained about the ingredients in spice and how it is marketed in order to attract the attention of young people. She also explained how the product has no disclaimers about the ingredients.

The organization she formed, “Spice is not Nice”, was created to inform parents and young people about the hazards of this synthetic form of marijuana. The website for her organization is www.spiceisnotnice.org.

Please visit her site and learn more about spice and its dangers to our young adults and teens.

Meeting with Union Pacific on Derailment



On October 16, a Union Pacific (UP) freight train derailed several cars just under the Cotton Street overpass by I-10. One of the derailed cars collided with a concrete pillar that supported the freeway.

Because of the extensive damage, lanes on the freeway were closed for several days.

Ivan Jaime, the public affairs person for the railroad visited Commissioner Leon on October 29th to update him on the status of repairs. He presented information in a PowerPoint presentation. Jaime explained how UP quickly teamed with TxDOT to initiate traffic safety and repairs. In just over two weeks, the needed repairs were completed and the closed lanes were reopened.



PowerPoint Presentation
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Leadership Training Class


On October 25th, Commissioner Leon held his third of three leadership classes with county department heads. He shared his thoughts and experiences from throughout his long career in the El Paso Police Department. The county provides these leadership classes to supervisors so that they may be better prepared for change and to recognize and act on new opportunities as they arise. Through his career as a supervisor at various levels, and eventually chief, in the police department, Leon shared the importance and means of dealing with stressful situations. He also emphasized the importance strong teamwork within and between departments.

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