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Coverage of UMC and Jim Valenti Bonus

After learning the results of Mr. Valenti’s recent evaluation and the Board’s approval of a $120,000 bonus, I am particularly disappointed that he received largely positive marks for his ability to establish and maintain “effective relationships with local, county, state, and federal organizations and officials which influence the District’s ability to serve its community.” I have expressed during our joint meetings with the Board, I have been deeply concerned by the erosion of trust and communication between the Commissioners Court and the County’s Hospital District.

The Hospital District has sent several mixed messages to the public and the Commissioners Court about the organization’s financial needs. This year alone, the Hospital District’s leadership informed the Board of Managers, and the public, that an 8 percent tax increase was necessary to offset a decline in revenues. Days later, that proposal was retracted and other solutions were deemed sufficient to meet the Hospital District’s needs. Weeks later, the Commissioners Court approved a $20 million tax anticipation note to meet the Hospital District’s cash flow needs, but has yet to be provided with any updates on this matter. Finally, awarding the CEO with a $120,000 bonus, particularly after more than 50 employees were laid off only a few months prior, only diminishes the public’s trust and confidence that taxpayer funds are being spent prudently during these difficult times.

Here is a video from ABC 7 Extra where I discussed my frustrations even further with host Maria Garcia.

ABC 7 Xtra: UMC and Valenti Bonus


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