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Jim Valenti Speaks At Commissioner Leon’s December 3, 2014 Roundtable Meeting

On December 3, 2014, Jim Valenti attended Commissioner Carlos Leon’s December Roundtable meeting to discuss several issues regarding University Medical Center.


Valenti spoke on several topics surrounding UMC, opening the meeting with a presentation on the growing medical and science campus. He expressed how every successful community has a collaboration between the two in order to bring new services to the city, turning the surrounding neighborhood into science. This in turn would allow UMC to provide medical care as well as education to support El Paso in it’s efforts to grow.


Valenti also spoke about the Ebola preparation UMC has been undergoing to be prepared for any possible future Ebola cases. UMC currently has 6 isolation rooms and he informed the advisory group that William Beaumont is also prepared to receive Ebola cases for returning military from Africa and South America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also has a site in El Paso in the Santa Teresa area.


Lastly, Mr. Valenti answered questions about the recent 2014 bonuses and The Children’s Hospital.