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April 15, 2021

El Paso, TX – “I understand that HB 1927 is being addressed today in the Texas State Legislature. Below are reasons I oppose the current legislation:

Current licensure requirements, specifically those requiring ‘hands on’ training and qualification ensure gun owners are not only aware of applicable laws, but also aware of the responsibility that comes with gun ownership – to include safety and accountability. In addition, many current licensure courses teach ‘de-escalation’ tactics should a direct confrontation ever arise. While perspective gun owners may believe they are capable of handling their weapon, the current process ensures it.

Licensure and/or certification is required for many types of industry; food handling, cutting hair, hunting, fishing, etcetera and to exempt the owner/handler of a weapon from the same type of minimum standard qualification or understanding doesn’t seem prudent – especially in today’s environment.

In short, this bill would potentially increase the number of untrained individuals carrying weapons and erode safeguards currently in place that ensure safe, responsible, educated, gun ownership. In addition, it is conceivable that many new gun carriers would go ‘un-vetted’ making the job of law enforcement much more dangerous than it already is.

For these reasons, I do not support HB 1927.” – Sheriff Richard D. Wiles, El Paso County Sheriff

Published 15 April 2021 08:09 PM by leantunez


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