El Paso, Texas- On April 26, 2022, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Section held training for the Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 2005. In this session, Explorers were trained and learned handcuffing, room-clearing, and building search techniques.

Sergeant Nevarez conducted a PowerPoint presentation, detailing a four-man formation room entry. Explorers participated and conducted hands-on training, which consisted of techniques before entering the room, and clearing hallways using, one man, two-man, three-man, and four-man formations. Explorers conducted two live scenarios on room clearing.

Explorers had several questions which were addressed relying on real-world lessons learned and experience provided by both Sergeant Nevarez and Deputy Gonzales. Explorers were much more comfortable conducting room-clearing exercises after the training.

The explorer post and its advisors provide explorers with education, training, and important information upon which to base their decision to pursue a career in law enforcement.


Published 26 April 2022 03:40 PM by rvaquera


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